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  • 2014 Poverty Income Guidelines

    Size of Family                                 Maximum Annual  Household Income

    1                                                                                   $23,340

    2                                                                                  $31,460

    3                                                                                  $39,580

    4                                                                                  $47,700

    5                                                                                  $55,820

    6                                                                                  $63,940

    7                                                                                  $72,060

    8                                                                                  $80,180

    For families with more than 8 persons, add                                     $8,120 for each additional person

  • What we CAN do

    What the

    Weatherization  Assistance Program CAN DO

    for a qualified home:

    1. Perform a blower door test to check for air leaks

    2. Seal your house to reduce air leaks.

    3. Add insulation where necessary.

    4. Replace regular light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs (CFL).

    5. Install smoke detectors and Carbon Monoxide detectors where necessary.

    6. Install weather stripping and caulk where necessary.

  • What we CANNOT do

    What the Weatherization  Assistance Program


    1. Remodel your home

    2. Clean your gutters or paint.

    3. Landscaping or gardening work.

    4. Plumbing.

    5. Electrical work.

    6. Replace cabinets.

    7. Replace doors or windows.

    8. Install wheelchair ramps.



The Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) reduces energy costs, provides energy efficiency education, and addresses health and safety concerns. Household energy use reductions and the resulting energy cost savings are significant, with average savings in excess of 20 percent.


Weatherization makes homes more energy efficient through a series of energy-conservation measures. Homes that have been weatherized require less energy to heat and cool, resulting in lower utility bills and a higher standard of living.


This program serves Carroll, Coweta, Douglas, Harris, Heard, Meriwether, Muscogee, and Troup counties.

Having your home weatherized can reduce your energy consumption by an average of 30%. This can help to greatly decrease your utility bill!

For more information, contact:

Trish Flowers

(706) 884-5888

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We at Cafi strive to have the weatherization process at your home be as unobtrusive and professional as possible. Our goals are to assist the members of our community to both lower their utility bills, and to be more energy efficient.


There is however, certain criteria that must be met prior to your energy audit in order for us to work in your home.


The decision to defer work in a dwelling or, in extreme cases, provide no weatherization services, is difficult but necessary in some cases. This does not mean that assistance will never be available, but that the work must be postponed until the problems can be resolved. Crews and contractors are expected to pursue all reasonable options on behalf of the client.


Please review the following standards and address any issue that may apply and that could potentially delay the weatherization process of your home being completed in the most expeditious way possible.


Deferral conditions may include:


1. The client has known health conditions that prohibit the installation of insulation and other weatherization measures.


2. The building structure or it's mechanical systems, including electrical and plumbing, are in such a state of disrepair that failure is imminent and the conditions cannot be resolved cost-effectively.


3. The house has sewage or other sanitary problems that would further endanger the client and weatherization installers if weatherization work work were performed.


4. The house has been condemned or electrical, heating, plumbing, or other equipment has been "red tagged" by local or state building officials or utilities.


5. Moisture problems are so severe they cannot be resolved under existing health and safety measures and with minor repairs.


6. Dangerous conditions exist due to high carbon monoxide levels in combustion appliances, and cannot be resolved under existing health and safety measures.


7. The client is uncooperative, abusive, or threatening to the crew, subcontractors, auditors, inspectors, or others who must work on or visit the house.


8. The extent and condition of lead based paint in the house would potentially create further health and safety hazards.


9. Illegal activities are being conducted in the dwelling unit.

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