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CAFI Board of Directors meet monthly.  All meetings take place the FOURTH Thursday of the month unless otherwise noted. 

 Meetings begin promptly at 6:30 pm EST at the CAFI Administration Office 

at 1380 LaFayette Parkway, LaGrange, GA 30241.  The public is invited to attend. 

We appreciate all guests who wish to quietly observe.  If you would like to address the Board or speak at a meeting, your request should be sent to our Executive Director at least (2) weeks in advance.  The request will be routed to the CAFI President for approval.  Once approved, President will place the matter on the formal agenda.

Send requests to:

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Carroll County

Edward Landrum


Edward Landrum is a Board Member Representing: NAACP (Carroll Co. Target Sector)

Coweta County

Derrick Teagle

Board member

Derrick Teagle is a Board Member Representing:  Empowered 4 Life (Coweta Co. Private Sector)

Linda Bohannon

Board Member

Linda Bohannon is a Board Member Representing: the City of Grantville (Coweta Co. Public Sector)

Heard County

Sharva Pruitt

Board member

Sharva Pruitt is a Board Member Representing:  DFCS (Heard Co. Target Sector)

Dr. Mariane Cole


Dr. Mariane Cole is a Board Member Representing:  Heard Co. Board of Commissioners (Heard Co. Public Sector)

Brandy Beverly

Board Member

Brandy Beverly is a Board Member Representing:  Franklin Housing Authority (Heard Co. Private Sector)


Board Member

Meriwether County

Bobby Moreland

Board Parliamentarian

Bobby Moreland is the Board Parliamentarian Representing: City of Greenville (Meriwether Co. Public Sector)

Solomon Ferguson

Board Member

Solomon Ferguson is a Board Member Representing: City of Manchester (Meriwether Co. Target Sector)

Virginia Hill

Assistant Secretary

Virginia Hill is the Assistant Secretary Representing: Hill Funeral Home (Meriwether Co. Private Sector)

Donald Cuttie

Board member

Donald Cuttie is a Board Member Representing: City of Luthersville (Meriwether Co. Public Sector)

Troup County

Carolyn Haamid

Board Member

Carolyn Haamid is a Board Member Representing: City of LaGrange (Troup Co. Public Sector)

Sandra Brownlee

Board Member

Sandra Brownlee is a Board Member Representing: Troup County (Troup Co. Public Sector)

Dr. Jaqueline Jones

Board Member

Dr. Jaqueline Jones is a Board Member Representing: Troup County School System (Troup Co. Private Sector)

Aveana Jackson

Board Member

Aveana Jackson is a Board Member representing the Technical College system of Georgia (Troup Co. Private Sector)

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