Community Action For Improvement

Carroll County

Brandolynn Marenco


Brandolynn Marenco is the President Representing: City of Carrollton (Carroll Co. Public Sector)

Dr Winston Tripp

Vice President

Dr. Winston Tripp is the Vice President Representing: University of West GA (Carroll Co. Private Sector)

Edward Landrum

Board member

Edward Landrum is a Board Member Representing: NAACP (Carroll Co. Target Sector)

Coweta County

Dee Berry


Dee Berry is the Secretary Representing: NAACP (Coweta Target Sector)


Board Member

Derrick Teagle

Board Member

Derrick Teagle is a Board Member Representing:  Empowered 4 Life(Coweta Private Sector)

Heard County

Sharva Pruitt

Board member

Sharva Pruitt is a Board Member Representing:  DFCS (Heard County Target Sector)

Colton Caldwell

Board Member

Colton Caldwell is a Board Member Representing: Caldwell Law /Heard Co. Chamber of Commerce (Heard Co. Private Sector)

Rodney Kay, Jr.

Board Member

Rodney Kay, Jr. is a Board Member Representing:  Heard Co. Schools (Heard Co. Public Sector)


Board Member

Meriwether County

Bobby Moreland

Board Parliamentarian

Bobby Moreland is the Board Parliamentarian Representing: City of Greenville (Meriwether Co. Public Sector)

Solomon Ferguson

Board Member

Solomon Ferguson is a Board Member Representing: City of Manchester (Meriwether Co. Target Population)

Virginia Hill

Assistant Secretary

Virginia Hill is the Assistant Secretary Representing: Hill Funeral Home (Meriwether Co. Private Sector)

Beth Hadley

Assistant Treasurer

Beth Hadley is the Assistant Treasurer Representing: Meriwether (Meriwether Co. Board of Commissioners)

Troup County

Carolyn Haamid

Board Member

Carolyn Hammid is a Board Member Representing: City of LaGrange (Troup Co. Public Sector)

Sandra Brownlee

Board Member

Sandra Brownless is a Board Member Representing: Troup County (Troup Co. Public Sector)

Gloria Marshall

Board Member

Gloria Marshall is a Board Member representing Troup County. (Troup Private Sector)

Aveana Jackson

Board Member

Aveana Jackson is a Board Member representing the Technical College system of Georgia. (Troup Private Sector)

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